Communication During a Date

Imagine that you are on a couples date or engaged in conversation at a party with another couple. Now imagine that you or your partner have good vibes about the other couple, but the other partner is thinking “no no no”. And then THE question comes up and you haven’t had the...

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Profiles on the Web

Many people ask how do I tell the difference in real profiles and fake profiles. Here is a few basics to look for.
Pay close attention to the description of the couples. Is everything such as height, weight, sexual preference, etc filled out? The more thought people put into the content the...

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Meeting a Couple the First Time

Meeting a couple for the first time? Where to meet for your first date?
Getting into the lifestyle can be a very exciting and wonderful experience but, it can also be very nerve racking. We spend hours on the internet looking at profiles, pictures and messaging couples hoping to find a...

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Swingers Club Advice For Newbies

Swinging? For some couples it has been their pillow talk and fantasy for months, others have already had some experiences under their belt with close friends. Now you are ready to meet other couples who share those same fantasies. What better place to meet new couples who are open minded and...

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Swing Lifestyle Terminology and Misconceptions

“The Lifestyle” and “Swinging” doesn’t necessarily mean partner swapping.
Why do we have to be so secretive when we join the lifestyle? Well that’s because of the misconceptions that people have when they hear the word swingers. What they don’t know is...

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Misconceptions of Swingers / The Swing Lifestyle

What Is Swinging Really? Breaking Down Some Myths…
While swinging or swingers is a fairly common term, there are still a lot of people that have absolutely no idea what it actually means or entails. There are so many misconceptions around the swinging lifestyle, and swinging gets a bad...

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Helpful Hints for your First Couples Cruise

Lifestyle Cruise with Hub City Select – Book Now for the best vacation party ever!!
We have only been in the lifestyle for about half a year. We have really enjoyed all of our experiences. Each club that we visit or event that we attend we learn something new and our boundaries are...

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Things to Know for a Swingers Couples Cruise

Great things to know prior to setting sail on a Couples Cruise!!! If it’s your first adult only swingers cruise this will really help. If you cruise a lot with Couples Cruise it will make you laugh your ass off. All that matters is, Everyone has fun and enjoys life as a SWINGER!!!!!!!

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Best Kept Secret for Guys

We get asked all the time about male performance and lets admit guys, its hard to perform in the swinging atmosphere, no matter how well you perform with your spouse. Most of the time alcohol is involved because swingers love a good party. Sometimes a total stranger is present, this can make us...

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