Couples Cruise Freedom of the Seas

November 22, 2012

Couples Cruise Freedom of the Seas Over 4,000 lifestylers, what else can a person ask for? Couples Cruise, what an amazing experience! Are you looking for an incredible vacation spot? Want to be surrounded by people just like you? Relaxing crystal blue beaches, high energy pool parties, amazing shows and all around luxury. It's like Vegas but better. My husband and I had the opportunity to have this incredible experience and all I can say is that I can't wait till the next one! Day 1, we arrive at the port and wow, could not believe how big the Freedom of the Seas is compared to all the other ships in port. Then imagine everyone on the ship is swingers or at least swinger friendly. 7 whole days of parties, shows, meet and greets, sleeping in, staying up late, beautiful islands and no responsibilities. Sounds good? We were so excited to arrive on Day 1. We boarded the ship and walked around, there was so much to see and do. Don't worry about settling in to your cabin, just drop off your carry-on, grab the swim suit (only required in port) and head to the pool! Get a drink and get your party on. This is the time to start meeting new friends and reunite with old ones. Later that day you can clean up and head to dinner in the spectacular 3 level dining room, which by the way reminded me off The Titanic, it is absolutely beautiful. If you don't want to miss anything at the pool, throw on a over-up and head to the Windjammer right next door for a quick buffet style dinner. FYI - Both dining rooms provide fantastic service and food. On day 2 we arrived at Coca Cay, Royal Caribbean's own private island in the Bahamas. Don't worry about the suits, since this Island is reserved just for us you can bare it all unless you would like to try jet skiing, snorkeling or any of the fantastic amenities they provide. These activities require swim attire. If you don't like the sand then lay low and hang out by the pool. Since there are plenty of days at sea to explore the ship, we decided to check out the island and take some photos. This is a perfect place to take some vanilla and non-vanilla photos to show everyone when you get back. Yes you can take photos all you want provided that the people in the pictures give the approval. We then proceeded to have lunch on the island while enjoying some relaxing Reggae music provided by the band. Following lunch we headed back to the ship and get ready for what was coming for the evening. Day 3 gave us the opportunity to sleep in a bit and go lounge by the pool. The wonderful thing about this size ship is that it suits everyone's needs. If you are looking for something quite, head to the forward of the ship (that's the front, for those landlubbers :) by the solarium. This provides a nice quite space to just relax and maybe even catch some ZZZ's. If quite is not your style, you are guaranteed to find a DJ by the main pool with some high energy dance music. Either of your choices are awesome because there are sexy naked people all around. We spent days 4 and 5 in St. Thomas and St. Martin. Both are beautiful islands have incredible beaches and shopping. The ship also provides many other attractions and excursions that you can sign up for if you are feeling a little more adventurous. While in St. Martin, Couples Cruise provided a designated beach that you can be topless on as well. Day 6 and 7 are spent at sea and all you can think is it's almost over. Don't let this discourage you, there is plenty more if you can handle it.
Every evening Couples Cruise provides a Daily Compass to your room. The Daily Compass is a guide of all the wonderful activities and tid-bits to help you plan each day of your cruise. Couples Cruise and Royal Caribbean have come together to plan a fantastic vacation experience for swingers. There are numerous activities and entertainment provided throughout the day and night, from shows to seminars and parties; they cover almost every body's interest and age group. The entertainment is incredible from comedians, live bands, ice skating shows etc... There is too much to list, you just have to experience this for yourself. There is so many choices each day, that it is impossible to do and see all of it in just one 7 day cruise. But don't worry if there is something on your list of things to see and you can't fit into your schedule, all you have to do is stop by the Couples Cruise help desk and start planning your next cruise right away. What I think is incredible about all this is that on most days you can find Tess, one of Couples Cruise co-owners there who will help you and chat with you about anything you need for your current and hopefully your next Couples Cruise experience. If you would like to live out your dreams and fantasies, whether you are new to swinging or a veteran, maybe you're not sure that swinging is something you want to do, the Couples Cruise experience provides a safe exciting non-pressure vacation experience for all couples. I leave you with a few words from Bob, president of Couples Cruise, "Last week was a truly historic event. The Couples Cruise on the Freedom of the Seas will go down as one of the most successful events in lifestyle history. I want to thank all of you for supporting this cruise and helping us make history. Next year, we are going to work with the Guinness Book of World Records to make it official."   Click here to book your cabin now and join Hub City Select on a Couples Cruise