We get asked all the time about male performance and lets admit guys, its hard to perform in the swinging atmosphere, no matter how well you perform with your spouse. Most of the time alcohol is involved because swingers love a good party. Sometimes a total stranger is present, this can make us very nervous. Sometimes this interaction may take place in a non private environment such as a hotel party or swinger club. Depending on how new you are to the lifestyle your spouse is the only one you have been with in years and this brings up a new list of issues to focus on. You may be thinking, Is he as good to her as me? Does his wife like what I’m doing? How do I get this damn condom on? Most of the time the more your mind says, “get hard, get hard, get hard” the softer it gets. Now what?

Did you know most men over the age of 30 are using male enhancements and in the swinger lifestyle most men at all ages are using male enhancements? I know for newbies this is a best kept secret, however let me share some must know information with you. You do have choices such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, these require a prescription but it is very easy to have your family doctor prescribe this for you by letting he or she know you have stress in you life and would like to perform great for you wife. Remember almost everyone in the lifestyle is taking a male enhancement and this will give you a peace of mind when in a full swap situation.

Cialis is the best alternative we have found to help with stage fright. A 20 mg Cialis works better than any we have tried and keeps working for days with no side effects. Some people may have some side effects like a stuffy nose in the morning but it seams less with Cialis. I can give you testimonials from hundreds of swingers as to how great this works and how much better things in the lifestyle are when you know longer have to say, “get hard, get hard, get hard.”

No matter what your choice is, simply know almost every man in the lifestyle is using a male enhancement product and most keep it a secret. So when the time comes, be prepared to make her say, “Damn that was good, wow it’s still hard, lets do it again!” Ladies ask us about male enhancements as much or more than guys and honestly its about making the lifestyle experience incredible. Every guy wants to perform at his best and every lady deserves your best!