Lifestyle Cruise with Hub City Select – Book Now for the best vacation party ever!!

We have only been in the lifestyle for about half a year. We have really enjoyed all of our experiences. Each club that we visit or event that we attend we learn something new and our boundaries are expanded. Recently we went on a lifestyle cruise (Jewel of the Seas), put on by Couples Cruise and it was the experience of a lifetime.

We love to party! We love all of our lifestyle experiences, but the party is what drives us. We feel that people in the lifestyle know how to party unlike anyone else. Rock stars would be hard pressed to keep up with the lifestyle parties that we have attended.

Every day we woke up and had breakfast in bed followed by a couple of bloody marys. We would get dressed and head to the pool where there were lots of sexy naked or scantily clad people and party music going all the time. We would mix and mingle with couples that sparked our interest until lunch time. After lunch we would take a nap, get in some play time, go to a meet and greet or head back to the pool depending on what mood we were in. Each day consisted of this routine unless we were in port. We liked being on the ship versus the port excursions because that was where the party was (Except for that one time at Senior Frogs). We would go to dinner and then the party really started. There were theme parties every night that were hopping. Everyone on the ship (1000 couples) were dressed up in their favorite theme wear and were partying like there was no tomorrow.

For five days we woke up and repeated the cycle of eat, sleep, play and party! We were thoroughly exhausted and satisfied from the experience.

Helpful Hints for your first Couples Cruise through Hub City Select

Get your cabin number out there. Share it with other couples that you know are going on the cruise on your favorite lifestyle sites like, or We were apprehensive about doing this at first because we were worried about people knocking on our door all hours of the night. That wasn’t the case, people would come by and write their location on your whiteboard so you would know where to meet them like the pool, a bar or restaurant. While you will meet plenty of people on the cruise, we found it better to have talked a little before the cruise so that things are already moving along once you arrive. People stick together on the cruise once they meet up. Get in the circle of friends you want to be with early and you will have more fun.

Get plenty of rest before the cruise and prepare to have a day or two for recovery after. This is the wildest party we had ever attended. We stayed up until 5 AM almost all days of the cruise. We are the type of people that don’t like to miss out on a party. Get plenty of rest and stay well hydrated during the day. We partied to the end (4 am on the day we pulled into port). We could feel it though. We were thoroughly exhausted.

Be a little more aggressive about asking people to play. If you like them ask them to play as soon as you are comfortable. You may not see them again after the cruise. That is what everyone is there for, don’t be shy.

Turn your phone off when you pull out of port. The party is on the ship. You have no need to communicate with the outside world while you are there and the costs of turning your phone on and leaving it on could cost you thousands. We turned our phone on for a few minutes to check on our kids and it cost us $50 extra. That was just for a few minutes of talk time.

Travel Supplies:

● Magnetic Whiteboard with markers for the outside of your door so people can write you messages.
● Business Cards with your profile name and stats so you can share information with other like minded people on the cruise (there are a lot of them).
● Bring your Condoms, Male Enhancement Pills like VMaxx and Lube with you. There are no adult stores on the cruise. Come prepared for your playtime.
● We are particular on our drink cups. We like the Tarvis cups because they have a lifetime warranty and can be personalized with your screen name.
● Sea Sickness Medicine. Bromine, Dramamine, Sea Bands. Also, vigorous exercise the day you before you get off of the boat can prevent vertigo. We thought this was interesting since you can alway find some very adventurous ways to get your exercise on the cruise!!
● Theme Clothes. There is a different theme every night for the parties. Come prepared.
● Bathing suits. The pool is where the party is during the day. While out to sea the pool is clothing optional, but you will need your suits for transiting to your room and such. You will also need them while you are at port (suits must be worn on the pool deck while at port) or if you decide to get off the ship and explore the beautiful beaches.
● A stereo for your room. We like our Bose Soundlink system. We hook up our iPhones or iPads through the speaker system for some party music in our room. It comes in handy when you turn your cabin into a playroom.