Naughty in N'awlins Convention 2013 - Very important information for the Hub City Select group.

July 4, 2013

As most of you know we are hosting the party at the Beach Club on Friday, July 12th from 3pm til 6pm. Here are a few things to know. Most of the HCS members will wear bikini tops to support the Beach Theme. During the week at our vendor booth on the Ballroom floor of the hotel we will have a drawing box for everyone to enter and win prizes. During our party at the The Beach Club we will give away a lifestyle resort trip, memberships to lifestyle sites, HCS panties, cups, koozies and HCS gift bags. Feel free to register for prizes at our vendor booth or at the Beach Club during the party. Also we will have DJ Jason Skinny Horne as our DJ during the event and at 430pm you will see the Best and Sexiest HCS Bar Dance ever! You may even see naked ladies as usual. Pass the word to all your friends to join us Friday, we will party like Rockstars!! Come party with us next week at the Beach Club during NIN! Richard and Danielle