Naughty in N'awlins was a huge success !

September 23, 2012

The largest event in the  country was also one of the wildest, craziest and sexiest parties ever. The  simple fact is, New Orleans is the best city to host a convention like this.  Flashing is legal, drinking is encouraged (and allowed out in the streets), a  swinger's parade is led by a police escort. Don't take our word for is, listen  to John & Allie's report on Naughty in N'awlins on the podcast from You'll hear them say "I knew it was going to be fun in the  (swinger) parade, but I really, really, really enjoyed it so much. It was a  great way to start the convention off." and that is just the begriming. Listen to the Swingercast review of Naughty in N'awlins here. "We have been to  several different conventions. We've been to resorts ... This has got to be the  biggest playroom that we've ever seen." That's right, you won't  find playrooms like this anywhere (well, except on our Couples Cruises). We  take a lot of pride creating very sensual spaces where people feel compelled to  play. We put up elaborate drapery with rich velvets, shimmery silks and sheer  curtains so you can kinda see what is going on nearby, but there is still a  level of privacy. We have hand carved art, tantra paintings, lanterns, lots of  candles, sensual and erotic music and we even set up diffusers to make sure the  place smells heavenly.