Our first 45 days in the Swinging Lifestyle

September 25, 2012

We thought we would share our experiences from our first month and half or so in the swinging lifestyle.  First and foremost, let us tell you that we have made some really great friends so far and we are really looking forward to every new friendship.  It isn't all about sex, although the sex is AWESOME.  The friendships are important as well. Below are some lessons that we learned along the way.  Yes, we are still newbies, but we dived in head first to the swinging lifestyle.
  1. Every guy in the swinger community takes a male performance pill. You will be very happy that you did. V-Maxx RX is our preferred enhancer. There are plenty of others like Cialis, Viagra, etc.. but this one is insanely effective, all natural and relatively inexpensive. Just make sure you don't have to go in public the day after you take it. For example, if you go to work the day after you take one, you are going to be hiding a raging erection all day long.  This one is a lesson learned from experience, not theoretical.
  2. You will get a lot of questions from friends and family about your change in behavior.  You will hear stuff like "You guys sure are happy these days" or "You guys sure do party a lot".  You will also hear a lot of questions like "Mom, Dad, why do you take Tequilla when you guys go out and why do you come back with it with your name on the bottle?".  Put together a swing bag.  You will eventually need it.  You can stage your bag in your vehicle when it is convenient so that the kids don't ask any questions about it.  Make sure to pack your favorite condoms, lube, liquor, re-usable drinking cups and V-Maxx, toiletries and extra clothes.  You will spend the night out more than you expect.  You will also end up in a hot tub or pool more than you expect.  Unless you are already comfortable being naked in front of others, pack some swim suites as well.
  3. Get used to people holding conversations with you while you are having sex.  We have had women walk up to my wife while she was having sex and ask her where she got her hair done.  We have also had people bust in to the room and sing happy birthday or offer us cheese bread and chicken.  You will get use to it.  Just act like they aren't there and don't miss a beat.
  4. You will likely find your self in a bed with 12 feet hanging out from under the covers at the other end.  You may or may not be having sex.  It is likely that someone of the group is.  You might be laying there listening to one person impersonating the guy from "Wonder Lust" or just sharing stories and experiences from the night.  Either way, if you don't find yourself with closer friends than you have ever had, something is wrong.
  Letter received HCS newby.