Preparing for a vanilla party

December 2, 2012

We are fairly new to the swinger lifestyle, but we have been around long enough that we have developed a few habits. While we were on the way to a vanilla party last night we had an entertaining discussion about how we should behave. Previously this wasn't part of our conversation before a party. It occurred to me there were things that we couldn't do that we have become accustomed to doing at swinger parties. We almost turned around and decided to go somewhere else, but this was an important engagement for us to attend so we just established some ground rules. Rules for him:
  • He can't grind on women on the dance floor.
  • He can't make out with any woman including his wife.
  • No grabbing other women's boobs or asses.
  • No asking women if they have a hall pass.
  • Under no circumstances is he to take a VMaxx pill before or during the party.
Rules for her:
  • She can't grab his or any other guys package.
  • She cannot take her or anyone else's clothes off.
  • She cannot dance on the bar, naked or otherwise.
  • Pasties are not acceptable attire.
  • No making out with women or men.
  • No grabbing other women's boobs or behinds.
Rules for both him and her:
  • No talking about squirting.
  • No showing naked pictures of ourselves to anyone.
  • No asking anyone if they would like to go play.
It was a rough night. We behaved ourselves and escaped unscathed, but it wasn't easy. Letter received HCS newby.