Sexy Swingers in Mississippi and Louisiana

March 20, 2014

Hub City Select Crawfish Boil for Swingers Ok, I know swinging and crawfish don’t exactly sound like it goes together, you’re probably thinking we are crazy. But trust me; it is a great time for relaxing and socializing with new and old friends. Hub City Select started having their annual crawfish boil 7 years ago so that we could relax and hang out with our swinger family in a more casual and laid back environment. It has grown into a incredible weekend event. We start off Friday evenings with a little more of a laid back sexy party so that we can enjoy the Saturday festivities. We begin Saturday afternoon with great food and camaraderie with our friends. For those who don’t like crawfish there is always plenty of other food available. We enjoy grilling it up this weekend unlike any other time of year. We usually have a pig roast, brisket, chicken and lots of side dishes as well. You will want to try and get there early so you don’t miss out on the incredible food and have plenty of time to mingle with others before the Saturday Night Dance Party. After you had your fill of the food and fun, many like to go and freshen up, maybe take a little nap, swim in the pool or get in a little afternoon delight time as well. This extra time also gives you and your partner time to plan what your Saturday night expectations are. The end to a wonderful weekend is the Saturday Dance Party and Sexy Hub City Select Bar Dance. We always have great give a ways for this event that makes for a fun night. With all the great activities planned for the Crawfish Boil Weekend you’re guaranteed to have a great relaxing weekend with your partner, the opportunity to hang out with old friends and meet new sexy friends and have some great hot sex. Mark your calendars now, rent your cabin or RV spot today, Hub City Select Crawfish Boil Weekend is a party you don’t want to miss.