Swing Lifestyle Comedian Show

May 30, 2013

Hello Hub City Select members! Next week is the Canoe Trip and we have a special guest performing at HCS Saturday night June 8th, The world FAMOUS comedian JC Clark!! The Show starts at 930pm! Are you ready to laugh your ass off??????? Swinging for Dummies is coming to Hub City Social, join JC Clark as he teaches us what we already know about the lifestyle. You have seen JC on almost every Couples Cruise doing his exclusive Lifestyle show on the high seas, he has also MC’ed and performed in Naughty N Nawlins and at his home resort of Caliente in Tampa and Dominican Republican. His observations about the lifestyle are by only someone who has spent a lot of time hanging around swingers. He will tell you all about before and after the lifestyle, inventions he thinks the lifestyle needs, why he thinks women over 40 are the best and just in lovers and in case you were wondering, he will give you the “YOU MIGHT BE SWINGER “ quiz to see if you even are a swinger. This is a one night appearance and will be lots of fun if this is your very first event or you have been in the lifestyle for years you will see why he is the swingers favorite lifestyle comedian. As Bob Hannaford of Couples Cruise has said, “Some have it, Some don’t, but JC is full of it!”.