Swingers Club in Mississippi - Comedy Show!

February 12, 2014

Swingers Club in Mississippi - Comedy Show! Simply the Funniest Swingers Comedy Show you will ever see! Cum watch The Dominatrix of Ditties whip up some sexy fun & laughs at Hub City Select, August 2nd 2014!!! A sexy, refreshingly unique and fun musical comedy show about the lighter side of the swing lifestyle. Many of the experiences The Dominatrix of Ditties jokes about, will be shared by you: becoming a nudist, getting into swinging, deciding between soft swap and full swap, being straight vs being bi, and hiding the lifestyle from your family and friends. She also shares many of her swapping experiences that have gone horribly wrong, but with hilariously disastrous results!!! Don’t miss the most unique musical comedy show for the swing lifestyle, by the funniest musical comedian IN the swing lifestyle! The Dominatrix Of Ditties Bio: I can honestly say, that I’ve never said “When I Grow Up, I wanna be a Dominatrix, and tell stories and sing twisted ditties to swingers!” No - it just doesn’t work that way. I’ve always written silly songs - ever since I began taking piano lessons at the age of 4. I wasn’t always rewarded for this creative behavior - I had 8 different piano teachers by the time I hit high school. Somehow, I found a few teachers and professors along the way that encouraged my creativity and found a way for me to graduate with a B.A. in Music and Business. After college, I sold clocks for a few years, before meeting the man of my dreams and moving to Florida. We married in 1997. Unable to find a job, much less one in music, I started my own promotional products company, which did well, but I still longed for “something.” When offered a role in a community theater production, I realized that “something” was “performing,” and found my way to the comedy club in the fall of 2002. I began doing open mics, quickly working my way up to feature, than headliner by 2007. In January of 2009, my first gig of the year was at Caliente, a clothing optional resort in Land O Lakes, FL. I had a great show, and became a Caliente favorite performing there every 6-8 weeks. A few months later, I had a comedy show fall through, and I asked my husband if he’d like to spend the weekend at Caliente. We did, and we loved it. A few months later, we vacationed at Desire in Cancun, Mexico...and loved that too! The lifestyle brought my husband and I so much closer together. As we found ourselves deeper in this new lifestyle - my comedy followed. I found myself writing about my new experiences - but I couldn’t perform the material in traditional comedy clubs because “the audience wouldn’t understand.” So I took the new material, and brought it to the lifestyle, as The Dominatrix of Ditties. After a test run at The Motor City Socials New Year’s Eve Party in 2010, the show officially debuted at The Tampa Bay Escapes Lifestyle Convention in July of 2011. Since then, I’ve performed all over the world at lifestyle conventions, cruises, swing clubs, and group events...pointing out the funny things that happen in the lifestyle, but always promoting the benefits. Enjoy...and hope to see you at a show very soon! For More About The Dominatrix of Ditties Click Here: To attend this event click the Hub City Select banner below and navigate to Clubs: