Swingers Halloween Party - Top 10 Reasons to Attend

October 17, 2013

Swingers Halloween Party - Top 10 Reasons to Attend Halloween is one of the hottest swinger party times of the year and almost always the largest party too. Swingers check their inhibitions at the door as they dress up in their sexiest costumes and head out to meet other naughty minded adults for what is guaranteed to be the wildest version of Halloween parties out there. Everyone feels a little naughty on Halloween but this holiday is made for us. It’s almost like swingers created this holiday. Have you seen the costumes recently at your local Halloween store? The majority of women’s costumes are tight, short and sexy as hell. And these are supposed to be for vanilla’s or are they? Many seasoned swingers don’t have to visit the local costume store; it may be as simple as going through your closet and choosing a costume from a previous swing party or convention. We go to work every day trying to fit in with normal vanilla people, but on this day the fact is that everyone is dressing up and it makes us all excited. Halloween is the one day we could leave home in our costumes and show up at a swinger party and it would be ok. On a typical swinger party, we have to either change in the car on the way to the party, change at the party or wear a trench coat before leaving the house. This is the one time that scantily clad pictures maybe acceptable to show your vanilla co-workers. And when asked by family or co-workers what you are doing for the weekend, “going to a party” is not followed with the typical “what kind of party are you going too?” Swingers are already some of the most outgoing people that you can find. This is even more true at a swinger Halloween party. The anonymity of the costume seems to encourage people to be more social and be a lot less inhibited. The costume is a great ice breaker and helps to create a reason to talk to people and meet new friends. Anyone has the courage to walk up to someone else and say, "Hi, we love your costume!" Top ten reasons we love Halloween parties in the swinging lifestyle 1.) Scantily clad people. Adult Halloween parties are already a little naughty, but with swingers it goes to a whole new level. 2.) Inhibitions are checked at the door. Wearing a costume creates a bit of anonymity and also connects someone with their most desired personas. In the case of swingers, this is almost always some type of sexy character. 3.) In most cases, portions of swinger halloween party costumes can be re-used throughout the rest of the year. 4.) The trick is fun and so is the treat :). 5.) It is the one day that you don't have to change in the car when on the way to a swinger party :). 6.) There is an automatic icebreaker. "Hey, we love your costumes!" Try it, it works! 7.) You don't have to be overly creative. You can just be sexy as usual. 8.) Accessories can include things that we don't normally get to bring along such as riding crops, handcuffs 9.) No matter how cool the costume is, it seems to cover less and less as the evening progresses 10.) Hey, lets face it, it is a swinger's party! It isn't vanilla! This thing is going to be wild!